Bamboo – Not just for Pandas

It is a grass, not a wood, and if you like Chinese food you’ve probably eaten using bamboo chopsticks.

Bamboo has also become a popular option in our custom homes.



It’s strong and hard, but it feels nice and soft on the feet. Bamboo is significantly harder than oak and will resist the dings and scrapes that always happen with natural flooring.

It resists the absorption of moisture moisture, which means that it will not deform or cup.

It has a very nice look, comparable to the look of hardwood, with the natural variations that you see in any natural product.

Bamboo is typically installed as a “floating floor,” which means there is an underlayment that it sits on (often made of cork, another great natural product).

There are lots of different options for bamboo flooring. Traditional bamboo products, including floors, are made in layers of horizontal and vertical layers.

Strand-woven bamboo is made from the leftovers from other bamboo products – heat and pressure are applied to create an incredibly strong product that is then cut into pieces to make what you see above – strand woven bamboo flooring….

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