Geodesic Dome Construction – Delivery

Battlefield Homes designs and builds custom homes.  If you know us, you can recognize the unique features and quality that we build into each home.

But we also pride ourselves on our willingness to take on unusual projects, even those that others would turn down.  I believe we have the experience and the attitude to delve into almost any design/build challenge.

One such will be the construction of a custom geodesic dome.  The truck, a semi trailer from the manufacturer, arrived last week:



The first true geodesic dome was a planetarium built in Germany.  Through the 1960’s and 70’s, they achieved a degree of popularity.  Today, they are less common but still have their fans.  The pros are the structural integrity and strength, the energy efficiency and insulation values.  While a dome has an unusual interior and some challenges, we’re confident that this will be a fun, challenging and rewarding project, adding to our tool-belt.



Stay tuned.  This will be fun to watch.


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