Month: January 2015

Zip it.

For several years, we’ve been using the ZIP System on our exterior framed walls.  ZIP is a structural sheathing that provides a moisture/vapor barrier that provides for an incredibly tight house.

The benefits? Have you ever seen house wrap on a home after a few weeks – torn, blowing in the wind, holes?  That’s because it is normally weeks between the time a vapor barrier is installed and the time the siding goes on.  And what happens during that time?  Typical house wrap, tacked on to the home, takes a beating.

With the ZIP System, the barrier is applied in the manufacturing process, so you simply can’t remove it, even if you want to.  Seams are secured with tape that is almost like super-glue – again, you can’t remove it.

ZIP a superior product.  Along with our framing methods, it saves energy by sealing the house well.

And it looks good.  Here’s the difference…

NO! HouseWrap

YES, a Battlefield Home!BFH-ZIP

Here’s link to the ZIP System energy savings sheet.


Ancient Brick, Cedar, Gas Lanterns, Six-piece Trim – A Fine Waterfront Home!

We pride ourselves on being the custom home builder for everyone.  Whether you are looking for a modest or large custom home, we build in all price ranges and styles, working with you to design features that fit your lifestyle and get the most from your budget.  What makes us different is the true custom nature of our work and the quality of our people and product. 

We wanted to share this one of a kind project with you.  This is a great example of our capabilities in a large custom home from Battlefield Homes.


This home was built for a retired couple, and we began by tearing down an existing, old lake home that was on this waterfront lot.

The exterior of the home is brick, rubbed down (with carpet) when the mortar was wet in order to give it an older look. 

The intent was to make the home look like it had been there for years but use the high quality of modern construction methods.  With cedar lintels and real operating gas lanterns on the exterior, it truly captures an old, classic feel:


Landscaping compliments the lot and the look:


The rear of the home has a large open deck made of Ipe wood – a durable Brazilian wood.



Using the hand-crafted oak stairs is optional – with an elevator that serves all levels of the home.




The rooms have plenty of windows, rooms over-looking the lake and Isokern wood-burning fireplaces:




Trim details include multi-stage trim, some of the crown using six or more pieces.




Baths galore, the master with a custom tile walk-in shower….




Old world block in a circular design completes the driveway.



Hope you enjoyed this little tour.  Call us to discuss the home you’d like to build!