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The Eagle’s View

We are just nearing completion of this lake home.  Close to 6,000 square feet of finished area, including 2 kitchens and a pantry that doubles as an extra kitchen.  With spectacular lake views, privacy and the finished quality our customers and we expect.

The main level kitchen:



The family room and loft:


The Master Bath:


The Pantry:


The Downstairs Kitchen:

Exterior – Lakeside:


Front Porch:

Home Wasn’t Built in a Day

This fine Georgian-style home is built from hand-made brick and features a 3-car garage, first floor owner’s suite, and a total of 6 bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths.

Yard, landscaping, paving and pool still to come.


The kitchen, with cherry cabinetry and a variety of quality appliances.

The master bath is a stand-out, with lighted mirrors, a large tile shower, barrel ceiling, and a stylish free-standing “slipper” tub.

Graceful curved rails and main staircase look over the family room with a custom cherry mantel:


Rear decks and patios:




Entertain & Live: Featured Home Plan – The Berkeley

Featured Plan: The Berkeley

2,114 square foot open floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths for ideal single story living, with a large central open area including the family room with a fireplace, kitchen, nook and dining room.

The home has Battlefield Homes signature standard features, including 9’ ceilings upstairs and a full walk-out basement with 9’ walls, which makes the basement feel like, well, not a basement.

The kitchen features a large central island with an extended granite countertop and seating area for eating in or entertaining.

Built with the quality that our homeowners expect, the home includes our standard energy package, including the ZIP© wall system, MERV-11 air filtration, and a high efficiency heat pump.

Customize this home with additional options and features of your own choosing!

Call today.  Schedule an appointment with the Fredericksburg Area’s premier custom home builder and designer.



Brick by Brick…

Beautiful, spacious Georgian brick home in Fredericksburg.  6 bedrooms, 4-1/2 baths, two kitchens.  Hand-made Old Georgian brick.  Oak front entryway.  Curved oak stairs.

Exterior is close to complete.  Interior paint coming up.  Stay tuned.

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Living Easy in Your Own Home – Accessibility

“This will be the last home we build.”

“We want to stay in our home as we age.”

“We need handicap accessible features”

“Have you heard of Universal Design?”

“We want a home that is easy to live in, meets our needs and our lifestyle.”


Many of our homeowners are planning for the days ahead in retirement or for family with particular needs.  Ease of access, ease of use and easy living – we offer standards and options that make it possible.

Design in a custom home is highly personal, and we offer the homeowner the opportunity to incorporate features that reflect your needs and personality.  At Battlefield Homes, we design and customize home plans and features individually with you, our customer, because everyone is different.  What do you want to build?

Curb-less / door-less showers, multiple shower heads, shower seats and hand-held sprayers:

Elevators provide easy access to multiple floors of the home, and they’re not as expensive as they used to be:

A few more of the accessibility features that we offer as either standard or optional:

  • Full sidelights (standard) on the front door allow offer security by allowing you to easily see who is outside your door.
  • Two-level handle faucets (standard) are easier to turn on and off than a single pull bath faucet.
  • Sliding drawers (standard) in kitchen cabinets allow for ease of accessibility.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators (standard) make for easy access to both the refrigerator and freezer.
  • 36” wide interior doors are an option that allows for maximum ease of entry and exit from rooms.
  • Rocker light switches with flat panels rather than toggle switches allow for turning lights on and off with a minimum of precision and effort.
  • Lever door handles require a minimum of strength and effort to open doors.
  • Wide hallways make it easy to maneuver and travel throughout the home.
  • Casement windows are easy to open and close.
  • High/low closet shelving allows for access from a wheelchair.
  • Lever handle faucets (standard) in the kitchen are easy to use.
  • Grab bars in baths allow ease for of use and provide a level of safety.
  • Ramp access allows for use of a wheelchair for entry and exit.

What do you want to build?  Schedule an appointment and let us know!

Arts and Crafts (Craftsman): Construction Update – Trim

Keeping you interested folks updated on the progress of this delightful home that incorporates a number of Arts and Crafts style elements.  Stay tuned – more details as flooring, counters, showers, fixtures and finishing touches are completed.

Our exterior is getting covered by board-and-batten, lap siding and shakes, and areas are marked for stone.

Wood beams, ceilings and trim work:

Healthy Homes – Battlefield Homes


Living in a comfortable and healthy home is increasingly important to most of today’s new homeowners. Since the home is a relatively closed environment, good indoor air quality requires attention on the part of the builder to reduce the risk of future problems.

You Need Fresh Air

Irritants and pollutants like pet dander, dust, pollen and bacteria are a fact of living in a home and can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Providing filtration for the home, and a source of fresh outside air, are two means maintain air quality.

logo_ashraeAll Battlefield Homes come standard with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) 11 filter that reduces mold, pollen, bacteria, dust and dander. MERV ratings are a specification of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), which recommends MERV 6 or higher. MERV filters are rated from 1-20, with the higher numbers equating to better removal of finer particles. A MERV 11 filter is designed to reduce not only large particles but also the fine particles of airborne contaminants. Industry experts consider a MERV 8 to be the “better” filter and a MERV 11 to be the “best,” removing pollen, dust mites, dust, carpet fibers, mold, humidifier dust and even auto emissions.

As a standard, we also include a ventilation control system that manages the quality of indoor air by bringing outside air in while monitoring outdoor temperature and indoor humidity to make sure the air coming into the home is fresh, reducing moisture problems, odors and pollutants. This system will bring in fresh air when needed and refuse to allow air in that is too hot, too cold or too humid (above 55% relative humidity).

Keep the Bad Stuff Out – Home Sealing

The intrusion of air and water through a home can produce mold and cause respiratory problems and temperature discomfort.

zip-wallAll Battlefield Homes come standard with the ZIP System© exterior sheathing from the top of the basement wall to the top of all framed walls, with all joints taped with a proprietary tape. The ZIP system, which replaces and improves upon the standard builder house wrap, effectively seals out the elements. It is a vapor-permeable, water-resistive barrier that does away with the typical house wrap (that’s the stuff you see torn and blowing in the wind on many homes).

Zip and its tape are integrated into the structural layer of the home and won’t tear or blow off. Zip also provides an enhanced permanent air barrier and an additional level of thermal resistance that enhances the total insulation value of the home.

Additionally, all Battlefield Homes are framed so that the exterior sheathing extends over and covers the outside of floor systems, fully down to the foundation wall. This additional step means that the “building envelope” is truly an envelope – one continuous, uninterrupted layer of sheathing with very little opportunity for air or water penetration.

Our homes have consistently performed at Energy Star (and better) standards. Our model home, using standard insulation and our standard ZIP system, scored a 57 HERS rating, an excellent score without any increased cost.

Get out the Mop! Clean Surfaces

criFlooring is a primary area of concern for contaminants in the home, from dirt that can become embedded and from the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), gases emitted from chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

The EPA airPLUS© guide recommends hard surface flooring at the entry and in baths, kitchens and laundry rooms because they are easier to clean. All Battlefield Homes include hardwood entries and hard flooring in wet areas, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Battlefield Homes’ standard carpet products carry the Green Label Plus© certification by the Carpet and Rug Institute, a designation that ensures the lowest emissions of VOCs on the market.

Additional Options

For serious allergy sufferers and customers who are interested in even more stringent air quality, we offer a number of options, including air purifiers, powered energy recovery ventilators, humidifiers, additional hard flooring options and ceramic tile, radon mitigation, and water treatment, filtration and purification systems.