Remodeling 101

Remodeling a home is a great deal different from new home construction. Every job is unique and involves new construction, but also some demolition of select areas of the existing home, as well as the need to tie in the new with the old. Depending on the scope of work, a number of items must be accounted for, including structural elements, utilities, wiring, and HVAC.  Care must also be taken to protect the original home from damage.

All remodels must be priced on an an individual basis.  Each job presents a unique opportunity to solve problems, present options and gain historical knowledge that we can use as a base for future work.

We review each project carefully and meet with you on site to discuss both the plan and the cost. While it is not possible to give pricing without seeing the job and determining the extent of work, we have done extensive custom remodel work...

...that said, here's an idea of the typical project costs for the most common remodels that we do.

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Kitchen "Refresh": New cabinets, countertops and backsplash, plumbing fixtures and lighting, appliances, paint and trim. By keeping plumbing and lighting rough-ins, and HVAC registers, in their existing locations, this type of remodel completes a change-out of the kitchen finishes while keeping the kitchen in its current configuration. Typically in the $30,000 - 40,000 range.
  • Kitchen Remodel Level I: This involves demolition of the entire kitchen and for the moving of interior partitions (non-bearing walls) or other features to create a new space. In addition to the elements of the Kitchen Refresh, new flooring, re-location of appliances, plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures, enhanced cabinets and trim can be added. Typically in the $50,000 - $65,000 range.
  • Kitchen Remodel Level II: In addition to the elements of the Level I Remodel, the true chef's kitchen allows for numerous upgrades to all aspects of the kitchen, including appliances, lighting, countertops and more. Can be $75,000 to $100,000 or more depending upon the level of selections made.

Bath Remodeling

Master bathrooms are among the most common remodel projects we see, along with second or "hall" baths.

  • Master Bath "Refresh": New cabinets and countertops, mirrors, medicine cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, paint and trim. By keeping all fixtures in their current locations, this remodel involves a change out of the finish items in the bathroom. Typically in the $10,000 - $15,000 range.
  • Master Bath Remodel Level 1: In addition to the elements of the Master Bath Refresh, this remodel project will include new flooring, a new tile shower with a high quality shower door and higher quality fixtures, cabinets and countertops. Typically in the $20,000 - $35,000 range.
  • Master Bath Remodel Level II: Expanding on the Level I remodel, this remodel job involves numerous upgrades and potentially the adjustment of walls. Top of the line furniture and fixtures, custom showers with unique tile patterns, and cabinets that are of furniture quality. Typically in the $35,000 and up range.

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