Gary M.

Custom builder Battlefield Homes, Inc. (BFH) earns my highest marks. The owner is one of the most ethical builders with whom I have dealt. Once Statements of Work (SOWs) and prices were baselined, he delivered to the letter. He exercised diligence in ensuring a very technical roofline was properly vetted by third party engineers. We always appreciated the fact that always sided with the Buyers when subcontractors “forgot” minor items. His VP(?) in charge of selections, is a master of configuration management; this individual did an outstanding job documenting selections with both us (Buyers) and the myriad number of underlying suppliers. The suppliers’ regard for him is strong owing to his even handed treatment of both sellers and buyers. Our construction endured one of the wettest Virginia springs and summers in years. BFH project managers were very easy to work with, and they exercised excellent schedule management in getting us finished in time for our move. Net-net, they did a plus job delivering on spec, on schedule, and within budget.

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