Ron and Ginger P.

Responding to the first, single phone call request, Allen Harrison visited us on the weekend at our just purchased lake shore lot, prepared to talk to and walk the site, discuss the house planning and build process, and, provide us a few house plans that he believed would fit our needs. We essentially committed to Battlefield Homes that day.

We chose the Williamsburg/Bluefield and incorporated a number of changes that better fit our needs and plans for our retirement home; we wanted a Craftsman look, and got it; we wanted widened hallways and doors, and got them; we wanted an opened and extended foyer and front entrance, and got them; and asked for and got a number of built-ins for the front rooms/library, bed rooms and bath rooms. To support the change and customization process, Allen employed a number of CAD runs, conducted numerous tabletop discussions with us, and frequently provided us with referrals and references of similar work done in the local area that we took advantage of; changes that we committed to, we committed to with confidence…..having benefited from ‘visualization’ of the CAD drawings, and often direct ‘look and touch’ of seeing work already done. We had visited several build sites and new homes prior to finding our Spotsylvania lot and know that with Battlefield we have a quality house, solidly built.

Having been in the house for a short year, we still have neighbors and vendors approaching us, (even) coming to the door, to congratulate us on the beautiful (and well built) house. We know we have a great home!

Hats off to a great Battlefield Homes team, from the front office, starting with Allen, Bernie, Mike and Wallace, and Melissa, and, to the onsite team leads, and build teams – always presenting themselves as professionals, courteous and friendly, and responsive.

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