Working with Battlefield Homes

We partner with you to design and build your custom home, and we pride ourselves not only on the superior quality of our work but also on making the experience enjoyable and exciting for you. Yes, the process of designing and building a home, customized to your desires, is complicated. But we've done this a few times before, and we handle the process for you. What is required from you is an investment of time and money. We make the process manageable by giving you a clear understanding of what is required and helping you through the decisions that need to be made along the way.


The What, The Where and The How Much?

The first steps that you need to take are the determination of your budget, the selection of a building lot and at least a general idea of the type of home you desire. We call it, "The What, the Where and the How Much?" In conjunction with that, you also will need to consider your timeline. Knowing when you want to be in your new home is an important piece of laying out the overall plan and deciding when to make decisions and complete certain tasks.

The What…

The home itself is understandably the focus of most of the attention, and it starts with a good design that meets your desires. We design your home ourselves, in house, and you may decide to select a plan from our portfolio of base plans or other homes that we have built in the past, modify them a little (or a lot), or you may have gone as far as drawing ideas yourself or working with another designer or architect.

The important thing is to arrive at a plan that meets your needs and your overall budget. One of the benefits of working with us, as a designer-builder, is that we can work concurrently toward your goals of home and budget. You want to avoid paying for a set of plans and then finding that it is unrealistic to build within your budget. We offer design services and can help you through the design process with an eye to budget, making you aware of the cost implications of design decisions.

The Where…

You may come to us with a lot already purchased, you may be actively looking for land, or you may choose a lot from our inventory. We encourage you to contact us early in the process. We have lots of experience with site work on lots from 1/4 acre to 100 acres or more, and we will work with you to site the house and evaluate the implications of various factors that will have an impact on cost - clearing, utilities, surveys and soils work.

Where the home is built - the lot itself, the location on the lot and the contours of the land - will determine the scope of site work. Helping you to achieve the overall aesthetics and understand the needed work is one of the areas we emphasize as we plan your home.

The How Much…

Having a realistic budget is the starting point for making other decisions on your project - the lot, the house style and size, and the features that you want to incorporate. If you are financing the home, we can recommend our lenders to you and discuss financing, so that you can get an idea of what you are qualified for and determine what you want to spend. Again, we work with you to determine how to balance the decisions on costs and design, weigh your options and get the most out of your budget.

Agreement, Selections, Construction

The Agreement

Once the design is finished, the lot is selected and the pricing is complete, we sign a contract, and work begins in earnest to construct the home. We engineer the home's components - roof, floors, walls, foundation, etc - and submit the necessary permit applications to begin construction. Typically, this work takes several weeks, during which time applications are submitted to the municipality (county or city) for review and issuance of the permits.


During the same time period - leading up to receiving a building permit - you will be guided through the process of choosing your colors and finishes for your home. We have a staff member dedicated to helping guide you this process, where you have the opportunity to further customize your home in meetings with our suppliers and experts in kitchens, baths, plumbing and lighting fixtures, appliances and other items that will go into your home. Our Operations Manager stays in regular contact with you and meets with you to answer any questions you may have, to record your selections and to help with the decisions to be made.


When permits are issued, we plan to be on the lot starting construction within several days. Plans are finalized, selections are signed off, and we meet with you on the lot to review the property again before excavation begins.

A critical meeting during the construction process is the framing walk-through. This is a thorough review of the home after framing is complete but before tradesmen have begun the rough-ins for electrical and plumbing. It is a great opportunity for the homeowners to walk the home with us and review the location and details of all critical items - electrical switches and plugs, lighting placement, plumbing fixtures, cabinet layouts, trim and several other items.

The framing walk-through is one of the ways we ensure that we are building the custom home you want. We discuss locations for cabinet, lighting, exterior and interior features and make any final adjustments as needed to ensure that everything is laid out correctly and fits properly. Work on the home then progresses, and we begin to plan for settling on the home and handing you the keys when work is complete.

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